Photos from Weeks 39 & 40

One last night out

Palais des Ducs, encore

Opening of the Musée des Beaux Arts de Dijon !

Me, appreciating art

A painting of Dijon

Sentimental midnight strolls

Last class at Saint Jo !

trying to teach my parents how to eat du fromage

Sean Carroll, duc de Bourgogne


Photos from Weeks 37 & 38

Get friends that pick you up when you’re down

My favorite people, in my favorite city

hey Alexa, play Voulez-vous

Being tourists for the day

Arc de triomphe à Dijon > à Paris

Denim squad

Finishing up classes au collège Saint-Joseph

Dijon aka chez moi

Photos from Weeks 35 & 36

The Sagrada Familia, taking forever to be built, in typical Euro fashion

Palm Sunday at the Sagrada

My first time touching the Mediterranean Sea

we LOVE Nice

pretending that we wouldn’t rather be at Cooper’s Beach in Southampton, NY

Ran into Nate while in Nice

“We’re going to Monte Carlo”- Abby and I every 10 minutes in Monaco

Abby and her yacht, “the Emmy”

Traveling in France means learning new vocab! (coup de soleil= sunburn)  

Abroad advice- pray that you’re as lucky as me to have travel friends that you can : trust wholeheartedly to book airbnbs without consultation, follow blindly in foreign cities, take turns paying for dinner, and buy dumb touristy tshirts with

Bus detours in Europe will take you to the craziest places

Photos from Week 34

did you really go to Amsterdam if you don’t have a canal picture??

Last abroad trip with Jason, we will def miss Munich the most

Nate trying incredibly hard to be as cool as effortless Ava

Lad’s Holiday

Anne Frank’s House (thanks for the recommendation Abi)

The Venice of the North

Doing some touristy things for once Dan, a beer connoisseur

 Ava holding on to me for dear life as we walk across a canal

Me an some pigeons eating a loaf of bread

Photos from Weeks 32 & 33

The middle school that I work at

Quasimoto’s view of Paris

Me and Fabes 

I have visited the Arc FOUR TIMES and still YET to get to the top

le Beverly gang (sans Aislinn)

me in my safe space (Paris)

Ameilie Cafe w Aisling

Des amis

SO thankful for all the friends I have made in Dijon

Photos from Week 31


“A white boy wears a black turtleneck ONCE and thinks he belongs at Paris fashion week”- Ancient proverb

1 Night in Paris


We love gnocchi, Marist College, Dimitris, and the World Bank

My guy Nate makes a reappearance!


The Vienna Opera House

TOURS squad conquered MUNICH and now VIENNA

Vienna is a beauty

I’m Baroque after this trip

Hundertwasser house

Best picture of the semester!

Keeping up with the Habsburgs

Typical Budapest Picture

Fisherman’s Castle

Matthias Church

It took us a half hour to find the outdoor bath

Found my movie poster in a cafe

Abby, Ava, and I at St Stephan’s Basilica (they LOVE visiting churches with me)

Me sleeping soundly knowing I just got a Insta worthy picture to post



Photos from Weeks 21 & 22

le Cimètiere du Père Lachaise

some more tombes

Grave of French singer Edith Piaf (she sings La vie en rose)

Holocaust monuments



The view from Sacré-Cœur

the Abside

Moulin Rouge

Le Palais Garnier

the giant altar in la Madeleine 

Every street in Paris is picture worthy        

Musée d’Orsay, a former train station

Street art in the 20eme arrondissement

Spot the American

Photos from Weeks 17, 18, 19, & 20

Strasbourg again!

Not Rockefeller Center, but it’ll do

Extra festive

Les marchés

Michael’s Craft Store is SHOOK

Italy Squad reunited

Le Palais des Ducs with Christmas rides

Had to get some churros and Nutella

Went back home for a minute

Some much needed family time

Photos from Week 16

First stop on our tour of Paris!

The Seine, the famous river that runs through Paris

Wherever you are in the city, seeing a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower is magical

Memorial of the late Princess Diana RIP

Carley and I shortly after crying tears of JOY from seeing la tour Eiffel

Selfie King Jason??

Early morning boulangerie stops w the bestie!

The Louvre

“Monsieur! Levez-vous si vous plaît!!” – the security guard yelling at me to stop imitating a Beyonce music video

The Wedding at Cana

Us and Mona

Me absorbing all the culture of Paris

Yet another leg kick flic

Can you hear the bells?

Carley, Jason, and their AMAZING Parisian tourguide

Photos from Weeks 13, 14, 15

Some of my students at Collège Saint Joseph Middle School

Another class

Tried to get a picture of the theater before watching a ballet

Me, thinking of a scheme to become Duc de Bourgogne