Photos from Week 12

The Duomo in Florence

Inside the Duomo

The ultimate leg kick @Isabel

The only piece of art that has ever taken my breath away

Met up with a few fellow New York Italians while in Florence

Showing off my new shoes

The travel squad

Feeling #blessed

Can you tell that we love history?

Italy is truly what dreams are made of

Photos from Week 11

I finally realized why they call it la Côte-d’Or (gold coast)

I had to replace my cover picture

My host mom Jocelyne and I at a restaurant!

Unplanned HC meet up in some obscure city in France

Stasie, Me, Ava, and Abby  in Venice

Piazza San Marco

FINALLY living my dream of coming to Italy 😀

My grandparents used to have a painting that looked EXACTLY like this hanging up in their house when I was little

A pretty cool view in Venice

Photos from Week 10

Had to document my first iced coffee in three months

the streets of Madrid

I was told that this bear and a tree symbolize Madrid??

Plaza Mayor


El Prado

The Royal Palace

Bucket List!

Kapital: 1 Sean: 0

I was diagnosed with a severe case of homesickness shortly after this picture was taken

Photos from Week 9

Trip to Beaune with Erasmus

See, I’m still in France. I swear!

A wine cellar in Beaune

“The wine of Burgundy is the wine of kings”- King Louis XIV

A trip to Talant with my Méthodologie class!! (aka just me and my professor)

Small cars and wine shops? Yup, I’m in Europe

Photos from Week 8

I have the feeling that we’re not in France anymore…


This train stops at Pasing and Otsbanhof, but not Central Station??

this picture was taken SECONDS after a 100 yard dash from the entrance

Meggie( a HUGE fan of my blog) finally makes an appearance

Wait, this isn’t La Guinguette?

Bros and Beers

Ava being cool, what else is new

“Jason if you don’t stand on this bench to take a picture with me right now I SWEAR TO GOD”

oh how I missed all these AMERICANS


Photos from Week 7

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

Cool buildings on the Rhine river

Finally met up with Élise (my old French FLA) in Strasbourg, something we have been planning since our 301 Practicum

Petite France

Strasbourg is nice… I guess

Finally seeing French squad (sans Drew and Stasie) after a long month apart

Photos from Week 6

My first french manifestation (march for environmental laws)

La Cathédrale Saint-Bénigne

Place de la Republique

One of Dijon’s many mustard shops

“Dijon… yes, like the mustard”

Seconds before the mustard burnt my nose

trip to Ornans

Another picture from Ornans

Me after a long day of speaking French

Photos from Week 5

My first picture in Dijon

le marché ( the market)

du formage (some cheese)

awkward pictures because I was alone on the tour

A city street

Typical old French street

l’Église Saint-Michel (St. Michael’s Church)

A meme that I could not stop laughing at one night, yeah I’ve already spent too much time alone

Photos from Week 4

L’Institut de Touraine

I love a good veggie burger

Gwen and Drew talking about their favorite topic, themselves

Isabel finally trying on a red coat that she had been eyeing

Liv and Ava looking excited to eat their crêpes

Adiós Marcos (feat. my signature pain au chocolat)

À la Guinguette?


*insert inside joke here*

Going to miss all these people,  have fun in Strasbourg guys!!!

Photos from Week 3

Château de Chaumont

One of the art exhibits at Chaumont

Woodworks by Patrick Dougherty- the same guy who designed the Woodworks at Holy Cross!!

we stayed an extra ten minutes for another misting


So Far from the Bamboo Grove

the chapel in Chaumont

Hi, welcome to Chili’s

We adore Boba Tea

Ava looking cool, as always