Photos from Weeks 35 & 36

The Sagrada Familia, taking forever to be built, in typical Euro fashion

Palm Sunday at the Sagrada

My first time touching the Mediterranean Sea

we LOVE Nice

pretending that we wouldn’t rather be at Cooper’s Beach in Southampton, NY

Ran into Nate while in Nice

“We’re going to Monte Carlo”- Abby and I every 10 minutes in Monaco

Abby and her yacht, “the Emmy”

Traveling in France means learning new vocab! (coup de soleil= sunburn)  

Abroad advice- pray that you’re as lucky as me to have travel friends that you can : trust wholeheartedly to book airbnbs without consultation, follow blindly in foreign cities, take turns paying for dinner, and buy dumb touristy tshirts with

Bus detours in Europe will take you to the craziest places

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